Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ok you caught me, I am listening to Celine and making a new Myspace for the Storm Cellar. Man who knew a month ago when I was asked to do sales and marketing for a small independent coffee roaster and maybe books some bands for shows in a dirty basement that this life changing transition from scared and immature to more scared and satisfied human would begin. This time im scared of forgetting a bands name or missing an important fact on a website. Much better. Less stress. More Coffee.

Zuki needs a coil pack. I don't know what that is but if any of you out there have one let me get it.

So in coffee news Brazil has kicked in the door and made a big impression on us all the way from roast to cup and everywhere in between. If enough of you ask for it maybe we can convince she who holds the money to get us some. I hear she likes Aretha. Mention that in your plea.

One day away from the Reg Barber coffee tamper. If there are no twitters or bloggies or myspace/facebook or phone calls or anyone around at all tomorrow know that we have made it to the bottom of a cave and are coveting the tamper calling it precious.

In Iceland News:

from Alda over at

IWR: You have said that Icelandic democracy is dead. Can you explain?

NPN: Iceland is no longer a democracy. The Icelandic democracy that was established in 1944 has been reduced to nothing. Iceland today is a state of political party leaders. Its government is not a representative government. It is subject to the dictatorship of a handful of political leaders on a daily basis. The separation of the three branches of government is disregarded, Althingi [Iceland’s parliament] has been turned into a processing and handling institution for the executive power [the cabinet] and even the appointment of judges is subject to the whims of those in power.* This has become evident in the wake of the economic collapse.

The fight for democracy is so strong some places and against it in others. Democracy is todays whipping boy.

During this post I Listened to Celine, Whitney (body guard) and Josh Groban. I was in a triumpht mood.

love Jacob Danger.

Oh and new Storm Cellar Myspace at

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