Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wow its been a while since I have been able to punch characters into this box. I don't know what it is but something is always in the way of social networking now days.

Tons and Tons of cool stuff is going on at the coffeehouse these days, namely the smoothies that Hunt has created. Real fruit, fruit nectar, ice and love are all that's in there so its healthy I think and good so come on and get one.

The music here lately has been really great. Gunnar Backman, Enigma Machine with Doc Dixon, O'brother and Death on Two Wheels have been the outstanding shows as of late and man have their really been some moments in the basement. All that was withing a week and we are all pretty drained. The next show is going to be The Love Willows with Coleman Fox. Should be pretty great.

As always I have Neil Gaiman and Icelandic economic news... They are both bad this time.

Neil Gaiman's Father died yesterday morning and He has put himself out of commission from blogging and Twittering for the next little while to grieve and I don't blame him. That guy is so good to his fans. He basically doesn't stop letting us know every piece of his life and this time should be spent on himself and his family.

Iceland's fourth and final surviving bank, Straumur BurdarĂ¡s, was nationalized this week leaving the country in a state of non-capitalism. I wouldn't be surprised to see the euro make its way further west to that small island.

On a brighter note the S.C.A.A. (Specialty Coffee Association of America) will be holding its conference here in April and its going to be very educational and tasty for everyone involved. Tickets are $150 , I think, and you will get to drink the best coffee in the world all weekend! The Safehouse Family will be making the trip and you should to. Even if you don't know a mocha pot from tea strainer.

Jacob Danger

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