Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The First day of the rest of our day?

Ok so who knows if this will ever work out. Im writing this now and have no idea if anyone is on the other side of a computer about to read it.

Very cool however:

"Dear Jacob,

that's astonishingly kind of you.

I like black teas in the morning, like experimenting with all teas but don't much like earl greys.

You can send them to (edited for privacy). And I've copied this to my assistant Lorraine... 

all the very best


This was in response to a very delicate and wordy email I sent to a scary Neil Gaiman FAQ line and actually got a reply from the man himself. Very excited I must admit. If you don't know who Neil is or what he does visit him at for the best blog on the interweb.

Your friendly neighborhood coffee and tea joint may very well be on its way ,in a small wooden box, to one of the finest literary minds in the world.

Wish us luck

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  1. Cool! You're blogging! You have blogged! You are a blogger! Woo-hoo!

    I'm sure if I were a Neil Gaiman fan, I'd be impressed. Since I've never heard of him, I'm just "supportive." Of course, I can go and check him out now, and maybe it will elevate the image I have of this outstanding email you received!

    I like Earl Grey tea, as far as black teas go. But I like Darjeeling even more...

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. Now we can be in this blogging world together. Isn't that special? ;)