Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hey friends there are quite a few really great things going on at the Safehouse and this blog is a part of it. Starting very soon you, yes you, will not be checking this old blogger site because, thanks to Ike, our I.T. guy that we asked favors from and he does it and just asks for free waffles, we have a brand new blog that looks the part a little more. The new blog will be located at safehousecoffeeandtea.com/blog and will be attached directly to the web site, safehousecoffeeandtea.com. This is a note to give Ike some props and say thank you for taking us out of 1972 and into 2009. 

In other news Neil Gaiman just won the Newbery Award for the Graveyard Book. For those that may not know the Newbery is the "being knighted with a sword by an older Queen-like lady" of the childrens literature universe. Not only that but his new movie, produced by Nightmare Before Christmas director Henry Selick, is great and wonderful and most certainly NOT for Ira Hunt Slade. Having said that don't take your three year old but if you have 7 - 109 year old in the family or a half way fun life you should go see it in 3D and feel like a kid again for 150 minutes.

and now paragraph about Twitter:

Raise your hand if you've not run across this annoying and brilliant social networking version of cheap cocaine. The three of you that raised your hands please visit twitter.com. For the rest of us, how wonderful is that someone out there divised a method to take the last little bit of privacy from our lives and post it right there for people we don't know to read at will. This program will most certainly drain us all of quiet, alone, just for me time and replace it with screams of, "Hand me my blackberry so I can tell everyone I know, and some that I don't, about the neck tie my Uncle Bill wore to Auntie Terries third wedding!". Or something like that. Oh and of course please search out all of the Safehouse family and click follow!

Thus ending my Twitter paragraph.

Thus ending my blog entry.

All the very best,
Jacob Orr

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