Monday, February 2, 2009

When is the last time you really stopped moving and let yourself meet a new friend?

Was it last night? I hope so.

When is the last time you talked until 5 in the morning and still had something to say even though you couldn't keep your eyes open?

When is the last time you had a place and a family that isn't really a real family but very much still a family that can help you and yell at you and fight with you and at the end of the night you hug and feel good every time.

Have you ever given up everything that makes you comfortable? Money, your own place, your freedom and security and been completely satisfied in it.

These are question I never knew to ask myself.

My life kind of asked these questions for me and the people that are now paramount in my wellness are  answering them daily. 

How does this fit in with coffee? Seeing as to how this is a blog about a coffeehouse and written by coffeehouse owners and baristas any one of us would tell you that coffee is a gateway into a moment. The atmosphere of a coffee house is nothing if not instrumental in cultivating lifelong friendships or bolstering a family that will argue and love all at the same time.

I know I am an employee here and as director of sales and marketing it is my job to shed a positive light on the business, I cant help but feel that someone reading this would see my words as a ploy to gain customers. It is not. The joy in my job is watching a first time customer grow into a family member or watching the people that meet here start as acquaintances and grow into real friendships. It has happened to me and a number of people that I pull shots for on a daily basis and if I never make another dime in my life I'll know that our building and our beans facilitated a meaningful breeding ground for new experiences for people.

In other news a bunch of the Safehouse family played a rousing game of D&D yesterday resulting in angry wives/girlfriends and gave us another reason to spend some much needed downtime with the people we can't live without.

Iceland has official disassembled their government in response to an outcry from their community. An interim government has been put into place to cover the day to day needs of things until the new campaigns and elections can take place. Good job Icelanders for not rolling over to the corruption and fighting for better life. We all could use a little of that spirit.

all the very best
Jacob Danger.


  1. I went through trading everything I thought my life was all about for something much simpler and much more fulfilling a few years ago. It'll probably happen again at some point in my life, as well. But I have to agree - there's the family you are born into, and then there's the family that forms by choice - pushed together and thrown around by the daily pressures of life. That kind of family seems to function (or dis-function), sometimes, in a more vigorous way than our birth families, God love 'em. I wouldn't trade my Safehouse family - not any member - for anything. ~ Hunt

  2. Awesome blog by Jacob & comment by Hunt! WELL SAID!

  3. safehouse is one of the best things that ever happened, to this town, to us all as individuals, this is the new renaissance that was spoken of in the past, people getting together as jacob described growing from strangers to friends over cups of coffee and great jams, artists combining talents to create new bands with unique sounds and wonderful pieces of art. amazing

  4. here- here! not all of the wives/girlfriends were upset, ya know...some were playing! Darutha Rules!

  5. By the way, I am using Dozier's computer, so that was me - not him!